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You only think you’re in business doing what you do. A big factor in your success is how well you do the marketing of your business of doing what you do. (Got all that?) Some of these articles are on my main website. When you click on those links, a new window will open. Close the new window to get back here. Other articles are exclusive to the Tightwad Marketing website, providing advertising and marketing advice aimed specifically at small businesses on tight budgets. These articles are within this website, so navigation is at the top and bottom of the pages.

Some articles include valuable worksheets and professionally written marketing templates which you may use, free. These are noted with a comment in red. All articles, worksheets, and other content are original copyrighted materials, and may not be reproduced or re-distributed.

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Off-line marketing and advertising (alphabetically)
Ad Blog: news and views about advertising, branding, and marketing
Advertising flyer critique: what's wrong with your ad flyers
Advertising strategy and other lies
Brands and branding: a white paper
Business networking groups: how to be more productive in less time
Customer evaluations turn failure into success free form letter
Do you make these mistakes in advertising?
Four ad copy traps that ensnare even experienced copywriters
Free (yes, free) advertising copywriting resources
Graphic Identity: branding for small business free worksheet
How to determine effective advertising opportunities through creative followship
How to get more from your mailer: a Tightwad Marketing primer
How to promote your sales promotion
How to write a brochure: advice from an advertising copywriter
How to write better ads
Publicity: the Tightwad Marketing secret weapon free worksheet
Seminar materials: 10 cheap ways to prevent theft by photocopier
The marketing half (or, don’t be such a tightwad!)
Tightwad Media: spreading the word cheaply
UPDATED FOR SOCIAL MEDIA! Tightwad Networking for maximum referrals
Tightwad Promotion: sales programs that sell free worksheet
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Online marketing (alphabetically)
Build your service business through online classified ads
UPDATED FOR SOCIAL MEDIA! Tightwad Networking for maximum referrals
Domain name forwarding: tips and tricks
Five basic business website mistakes and their solutions
UPDATED! How to raise your search engine ranking and traffic: a surprising new method
How to determine effective advertising opportunities through creative followship
How to evaluate and select your domain name free worksheet
Marketing your small business website online
Small business website development, tightwad style
Write your website content in 60 minutes free website design
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Small business in general (alphabetically)
Good Books: a Tightwad Marketing reading list
Napoleon’s advice to entrepreneurs, Part I: starting the enterprise
Napoleon’s advice to entrepreneurs, Part II: the entrepreneurial character
Napoleon’s advice to entrepreneurs, Part III: growing the enterprise
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